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Gallery Galeria Paiva Frade
Next auction: 24/02/2021, 20:30h
at Galeria Paiva Frade
Av. Getulio Vargas, 350, Centro - São Lourenço - MG
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Phone: 55 (35) 3332-4150 / 55 (35) 3331-6966
Email: paivafrade@paivafrade.com.br
The Gallery
Avaible Pieces
EDUARDO TORASSA (Argentina, 1955)
Óleo s/ madeira
Ass. cid.
Medidas: 38 x 48 cm.

Expoente do surrealismo argentino, tem sua obra fazendo parte de coleções particulares e museus por todo o mundo. Entre 1979 e 1983, ele viveu e trabalhou no Brasil.

1955 - Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina
1975 - Started exhibiting his work in Argentina. He is attracted and inspired by the Renaissance Masters and the Surrealists.
1979-1983 - Moved to Brazil and exhibited extensively there.
In 1984 he exhibited at the Portal Gallery, São Paulo.
1985-2010 -Travelled and worked in Italy, England, Monaco and throughout the USA. He presently lives in Argentina.

2001 - Elite Fine Art, Coral Gables, Florida (solo)
2000 - Gagliardi Gallery, London, England (solo)
1997 - Gagliardi Gallery, London, England (solo)
1996 - Elite ineart, Coral Gables, Florida (solo) - "Encuentro Dali y Torassa" Miami Shopping Center Gallery, Punta del Este, Uruguay (solo)
1994 - Elite Fine Art, Coral Gables, Florida (solo)
1992 - Vanidades Gallery, Miami, Florida (solo)
1991 - Lucresia Fos Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina (solo)
1989 - Lagard Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina (solo)
1 bid
R$ 6.000,00 (BRL)
1 bid
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R$ 6.000,00 (BRL)
$ 1,080.00 (USD)
$ 900.00 (EUR)
$ 98.040,00 (ARS)
$ 1,080.00 (USD)
$ 900.00 (EUR)
$ 98.040,00 (ARS)
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