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Radar iArremate
Your Private iArremate

We always take into consideration what you like and we analyze the history of visits you've made on our website, and, based on its access history we will create your iArremate. The system will automatically create a "radar" with the selection of pieces based on the profile of your visits and bids on the site.

For this selection become a particular and unique home page simply click on the "enable" your iArremate experience will be enhanced. You can still edit this page or extend it by creating new radars.

How to create a radar manually

1 . Click the "add" button. You will be directed to a page "create a new radar".

2 . Name your radar writing the title on that line. This will be the title that will be visible to you.

3 . Select the category you want to filter, eg. Art

and / or artist you want to filter, eg. Burle Marx

and / or the gallery you want to filter.

4 . You can further refine your search by selecting a subcategory, eg frames. Or further refine choosing the technique, eg. Oil on canvas

There are more options that can be used to further enhance the filter. Example: Oil on canvas, of Burle Marx. For this filter, use the category "art", with the sub-category "frames" with ténica "oil on canvas". For the artist, start typing part of the name in the corresponding box. A little relation to the possible artists appear. Click on the name you want.

You can use all filters or only those you prefer. Example:. Burle Marx in all categories

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