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HomebrokerArt System

Thinking of your comfort we created a more beautiful, fast, responsive, and secure interface. With this tool, HomebrokerArt, you can comfortably follow the session and still access important information for the control of their investments.

In the following we present the news we created thinking of you.

Transitioning to HomeBrokerArt
If you are still using the older version, switch to the HomebrokerArte clicking here.
Follow in real time your investments
auction information for this auction. Here you can follow in real time the lots you compete and those who have successfully bid.
Lance and compete live in future
Click this button to access the catalog of this auction and launch in the future lots during this trading session.
Get access to the entire auction catalog

We created this tool so you can comfortably see and throw in lots that will also participate in this trading floor. On this page you can launch and play in a lot of interest which will be paraded in the auction room.

View and bid on lots that have not yet been hawked
Here are all the lots that will the trading session in this auction. Choose a lot of interest by clicking on the photo.
a lot of information which will be paraded
Here you see the lot of the information you have chosen and will launch normally. Filmography There may be disputes in the same lot with other stakeholders accessing this same tool at the same time. This dispute simultaneously take place online, with possible participation of people present on the floor only when the lot is paraded in the room.
Follow the live trading during the time
In this space you continue monitoring in real-time batch information being paraded in the room at that moment.
Back to the homepage of HomebrokerArt
By clicking here, you go back to the homepage of HomebrokerArt and starts to follow the trading normally.
Going back to the old version
If you have not adapted to this version (HomebokerArt) Click this link to return to the old version.
You may return to use this version later.



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