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Terms of use
1. Acceptance of terms and policies

1.1. What information is present in this Term of Use?

In this Term of Use, the user of the iArremate auction transmission platform will find information on: the services operation and the rules applicable to it; the legal framework related to the provision of the service; the users responsibilities when using the service; iArremate responsibilities in providing the service; contact information, if there is any doubt or it is necessary to update information; and the forum responsible for any complaints if issues in this Term of Use have been violated.

In addition, in the Privacy Policy, the user of the iArremate auction transmission platform will find information on: what is the processing of personal data carried out, whether automated or not, and its purpose; the personal data of the users necessary for the provision of the service; the way they are collected; whether there is data sharing with third parties; and what security measures are in place to protect the data.

1.2. Acceptance of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:

By using the services, the user confirms that he has read and understood the Terms and Policies applicable to the service provided by the auction transmission platform iArremate and agrees to be bound by them.


For a better understanding of this document, in this Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, we consider:

I – personal data: information related to an identified or identifiable natural person;

II – database: structured set of personal data, established in one or several places, in electronic or physical support;

III – Users (or "User", when individually considered) / holder: all natural persons who use the auction transmission platform iArremate, to buy or sell, and to whom the personal data that are the object of treatment refer;

IV – Violation of personal data: it is a breach of security that causes, accidentally or unlawfully, the destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorized access to personal data transmitted, preserved or subject to any other type of treatment

V – treatment: any operation performed with personal data, such as those referring to the collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, filing, storage, elimination, evaluation or control of information, modification, communication , transfer, diffusion or extraction;

VI – controller: natural or legal person, under public or private law, who is responsible for decisions regarding the processing of personal data;

VII – operator: natural or legal person, of public or private law, who performs the processing of personal data on behalf of the controller;

VIII – person in charge: person appointed by the controller and operator to act as a communication channel between the controller, the data holders and the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD);

IX – treatment agents: the controller and the operator;

X – Internet: the system consisting of a set of logical protocols, structured on a worldwide scale for public and unrestricted use, with the purpose of enabling data communication between terminals through different networks;

XI – Sites and applications: sites and applications through which the user accesses the services and content available;

XII – anonymization: use of reasonable and available technical means at the time of treatment, whereby data loses the possibility of association, directly or indirectly, with an individual;

XIII – consent: free, informed and unequivocal manifestation by which the user / holder agrees with the treatment of their personal data for a specific purpose;

XIV – blocking: temporary suspension of any processing operation, by keeping personal data or the database;

XV – elimination: deletion of data or data set stored in a database, regardless of the procedure used;

XVI – report on the impact of personal data protection: controller documentation containing a description of the processes for processing personal data that may generate risks to civil liberties and fundamental rights, as well as measures, safeguards and risk mitigation mechanisms;

XVII – research organ: organ or entity of the direct or indirect public administration or legal entity of private non-profit law legally constituted under Brazilian laws, with headquarters and venue in the country, which includes in its institutional mission or in its social or statutory objective the basic or applied research of a historical, scientific, technological or statistical character; and

XVIII – national authority: public administration body responsible for overseeing, implementing and supervising compliance with this Law throughout the national territory.

3. Legal framework:

Lei nº 12.965, de 23 de abril de 2014 - Civil Framework of the Internet: Establishes principles, guarantees, rights and duties for the use of the Internet in Brazil.

Lei nº 13.709, de 14 de agosto de 2018 - Provides for the protection of personal data.

4. Service description

"I want to sell"

"The iArremate portal is exclusively an auction transmission vehicle. Our portal does not carry out direct sales, however we can assist you so that you can place your work in one of our partner galleries. We can also assist you in the evaluation of the work, to do so fully fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly."

"want to buy"

"The iArremate portal is an auction transmission vehicle that broadcasts the largest and best Brazilian art and antiques auctions. Our customers are the most traditional auction houses operating in Brazil. We are a tool that seeks to facilitate client access to the most valued and desired works on the market. Therefore, we do not make direct sales. To purchase any work you wish, register with us and you will have access to several live auction rooms. The iArremate portal is a vehicle for broadcasting auctions that broadcasts the largest and best Brazilian art and antiquities auctions. Our customers are the most traditional auction houses operating in Brazil. We are a tool that seeks to facilitate client access to the most valued and desired works on the market. Therefore, we do not make direct sales. To purchase any work you wish, register with us and you will have access to several live auction rooms."

5. User rights

The operations of processing personal data through the iArremate platform may be carried out:

The user of the iArremate auction transmission platform has the following rights, conferred by the Personal Data Protection Law:

Right of confirmation and access (Art. 18, I and II): it is the users right to obtain from the service the confirmation that the personal data concerning him are or are not the object of treatment and, if that is the case, the right to access your personal data.

Right of rectification (Art. 18, III): it is the right to request the correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data.

Right to limit the processing of data (Art. 18, IV): it is the users right to limit the processing of their personal data, and may require the elimination of unnecessary, excessive or treated data in non-compliance with the provisions of the General Protection Law of Data. The user has the right to request the total elimination of his data, in which case the anonymization of his data will be made, only for the purpose of complying with legal requirements, for tax purposes.

Right of opposition (Art. 18, § 2): it is the users right to, at any time, oppose the processing of data for reasons related to their particular situation, based on one of the hypotheses of waiver of consent or in case of non-compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Law.

Right to data portability (Art. 18, V): it is the users right to carry out data portability to another service or product supplier, upon express request, in accordance with the regulations of the national authority, with due regard for commercial and technical secrets. industrial.

Right not to be subjected to automated decisions (Art. 20, LGPD): the data subject has the right to request a review of decisions taken solely on the basis of automated processing of personal data that affect his interests, including decisions designed to define the your personal, professional, consumer and credit profile or aspects of your personality.

Right to respect for intimacy (Federal Constitution, Art. 5, X): The treatment of personal information must be done in a transparent manner and with respect to the privacy, privacy, honor and image of people, as well as individual freedoms and guarantees.

6. User responsibilities

The user is responsible for the accuracy and veracity of the data reported and recognizes that the inconsistency of these data may imply the impossibility of using the iArremate auction transmission platform.

During the use of the service, in order to safeguard and protect the rights of third parties, the user undertakes to provide only his personal data, not those of third parties and to keep them permanently updated.

The login and password can only be used by the registered user. He is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the password, which is personal and non-transferable, and it is not possible, under any circumstances, to claim misuse after the act of sharing.

The user is responsible for updating his personal information and consequences for omission or errors in the registered personal information.

The user is responsible for repairing any and all damages, direct or indirect (including those arising from the violation of any rights of other users, third parties, including intellectual property, confidentiality and personality rights), that are caused to the transmission platform. of iArremate auctions, to any other User, or even to any third party, including due to non-compliance with the provisions of these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy or any act practiced from their access to the Internet and to the https://www.iarremate.com.

The iArremate auction transmission platform cannot be held responsible for the following facts:

a.Equipment infected or invaded by attackers;

b.Equipment damaged at the time of consumption of services;

c.Computer protection;

d.Protection of information based on users computers;

e.Abuse of using users computers;

f.Clandestined monitoring of users computers;

g.Vulnerabilities or instabilities existing in users systems;

h.Unsafe perimeter;

In no event will the iArremate auction transmission platform be responsible for installing malicious code (viruses, trojans, malware, worm, bot, backdoor, spyware, rootkit, or any others that may be installed on the Users or third party equipment) created), as a result of Internet browsing by the User.

7. Responsibility of iArremate

IArremate undertakes to comply with all laws inherent to the correct use of the users personal data in order to preserve the privacy of the data used in the service, as well as to guarantee all the legal rights and guarantees of the data holders.

It is also obliged to implement security and confirmation controls to protect the personal data of the holders.

IArremate may, in relation to court orders requesting information, share information necessary for investigations or take action related to illegal activities, suspected fraud or potential threats against people, goods or systems that support the service or otherwise necessary to comply with our legal obligations. If it occurs, the data subjects will be notified, except when the process is in secret. The data obtained and collected will be stored as long as the user keeps his registration active. The user / holder can request information about their personal data at any time, as well as cancel their registration, in which case their data will be deleted.

8. Changes in the term of use

The present version of this terms of use was last updated in: November 2020.

IArremate reserves the right to modify this document at any time, especially to adapt it to changes in the service, either by making new features available, or by deleting or modifying existing ones.

Any changes and / or updates to these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will take effect from the date of their publication on the services website and must be fully observed by Users.

9. Contact information

The tool "SUPPORT", through the icon "CONTACT", on the website https://www.iarremate.com, is made available so that the holders of personal data can demand the requests provided for in art. 18 of the LGPD and to resolve any doubts about this service or about this Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

10. Forum

This Term will be governed by Brazilian law. Any claim or controversy based on this Term will be settled exclusively by the district of Carmo de Minas / MG.

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