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Privacy Policy
1. Appointment

The privacy policy aims to make clear the commitment of the IARREMATE Portal in ensuring the protection of the requested data. The iArremate platform is committed to complying with the rules provided for in the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), and to respect the principles set out in Art. 6:

I - purpose: carrying out the treatment for legitimate, specific, explicit and informed purposes to the holder, without the possibility of further treatment in a manner incompatible with those purposes;

II - suitability: compatibility of the treatment with the purposes informed to the holder, according to the context of the treatment;

IV - free access: guarantee, to the holders, free and easy consultation on the form and duration of the treatment, as well as on the completeness of their personal data;

V - data quality: guarantee, to the data subjects, of accuracy, clarity, relevance and updating of the data, according to the need and for the fulfillment of the purpose of its treatment;

VI - transparency: guarantee, to the holders, of clear, accurate and easily accessible information about the treatment and the respective treatment agents, observing the commercial and industrial secrets;

VII - security: use of technical and administrative measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access and accidental or unlawful situations of destruction, loss, alteration, communication or dissemination;

VIII - prevention: adoption of measures to prevent the occurrence of damages due to the processing of personal data;

IX - non-discrimination: impossibility of carrying out the treatment for illicit or abusive discriminatory purposes;

X - accountability and accountability: demonstration, by the agent, of the adoption of effective measures capable of proving the observance and compliance with the rules of protection of personal data and, even, of the effectiveness of these measures.

This Privacy Policy may be updated as a result of any regulatory update, which is why the user is invited to periodically consult this section.
These privacy rules apply only to the iArremate website. They do not apply to the sites we indicate through links. You must inquire about their policy before providing any information. "

2. Controller, operator and manager

The General Data Protection Law defines the controller, in its article 5º:

Art. 5º, VI – controller: natural or legal person, under public or private law, who is responsible for decisions regarding the processing of personal data;

Art. 5º, VII - operator: natural or legal person, of public or private law, who performs the processing of personal data on behalf of the controller;

Within the scope of the iArremate platform, decisions regarding the processing of personal data are internal responsibility.
The institutional email is: governanca@iarremate.com.

In compliance with the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (Law 13,709 / 2019), Mr. Henrique Angelo Zanini Pain was appointed to play the role of supervisor and act as a communication channel between the operator, the data holders and the National Authority Data Protection. The person in charge can be contacted by e-mail angelo@iarremate.com.

3. What data is processed?

The General Data Protection Law defines the controller, in its article 5º:

(i) Contact details: Country, city, state, region, address, affiliation, gender, name, e-mail, CPF, RG and telephone.

(ii) Other data: Device data: hardware model, operating system (including configuration, browsers) and device identifiers (location, among others).

Access record: User IP, date and time of access, data insertion, alteration or deletion actions, time zone, data query actions, host, city, state, country, host region, currency, conversion of the dollar.

Navigation data: browser through which the access was made and page accessed most frequently.

4. How is data collected and processed?

The iArremate platform collects information about users in the following ways:

(i) user data: collected through registration completed by the owner / user on the website, phone and / or email.

(ii) access record: collected and transmitted through the internet when accessing the platform;

(iii) device data: collected and transmitted over the internet when accessing the service

(iv) Navigation data on the https://www.iarremate.com website, obtained through cookies. While browsing the sites, we collect information stored in the browser cookies of your computer or other device (for example, to find out how many people entered our pages, which sections were most visited and how much time was spent on each of them, storing preferences improving search results and ad selection)

5. What is the form and purpose of the treatment

The operations of processing personal data through the iArremate platform may be carried out:

(i) By providing consent by the holder of personal data. The data provided is used, in general, for the following purposes:

(ii) For the fulfillment of legal or regulatory obligation;

(iii) When necessary for the execution of a contract or preliminary procedures related to a contract to which the holder of personal data is a party;

(iv) For the regular exercise of rights in judicial, administrative or arbitration proceedings;

(v) For the protection of the rights of the holder of personal data or of a third party;

(vi) When necessary to serve the legitimate interests of the iArremate platform or third parties;

(xii) For credit protection;

(xiii) To guarantee the prevention of fraud and the security of the holder of personal data, in the processes of identification and authentication of registration in electronic systems;

(xiv) Marketing
Personal data are treated, specifically, according to the purposes set out below

User data: are used to make contact with the user viable, including iArremate marketing campaigns, as well as access and use of the iArremate virtual auction platform, enabling your participation as a seller or buyer in the intermediated auctions.

The email provided by the user at the time of registration is used as a contact form for billing, forwarding a list of bids and / or as a contact form for other matters relating to the auction or the platform.

E-mail can also be used to improve the user experience when browsing your social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), allowing you to have access through the marketing promotion idealized by iArremate in its team line, to works and / or auctions available and of interest to you, in addition to being used by iArremate to send newsletters or inform you about new auctions, promotions and contests.

User authorization in relation to the use of their data is granted tacitly at the time of registration and linked to the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Regulation.

Device data: enables the continuous improvement of the processes and services provided to the service user, such as better service layout on the users device or browser screen.

Access log (communicators IP, date and time of access to the service, authentication failures, data insertion, alteration and removal actions): access logs are essential to ensure the safety of users. Through the access records, several important information are stored, such as the date and time when a certain activity occurred, the IP address (logical address) of the activitys origin, the complete data that were sent, changed or deleted. In addition, through them, it is possible to identify security incidents that may occur in the service.

Dados de navegação no sítio https://www.iarremate.com: possibilita a personalização dos serviços procurados pelo usuário para o navegador de preferência dele e indicar serviços semelhantes ou complementares que foram procurados por ele (páginas mais acessadas).

6. Data sharing

The user data that is collected is partially shared with the auction organizing house, during its realization, at the moment when the user accesses the “auction catalog” and in a complete way, the user completes the auction (s). auctioned item (s) for the sole purpose of making the auction, payment, etc. feasible.

User data is not shared with third parties, except for the above hypothesis, without prior authorization and information that can identify users is not disclosed. Only generic and aggregated data, referring to the number of people who access areas of our sites can be disclosed to advertisers and business partners.

7. Security in the treatment of users personal data

The iArremate platform undertakes to apply technical and institutional measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access and situations of destruction, loss, alteration, communication or dissemination of such data.

To guarantee security, measures will be taken to confirm the authenticity and veracity of the personal data transmitted when registering through telephone contact and / or e-mail, as well as requesting personal documents. In addition, iArremate, in protecting its users data, will adopt solutions that take into account: the appropriate techniques; application costs; the nature, scope, context and purposes of the treatment; and the risks to the users rights and freedoms.

The website https://www.iarremate.com uses encryption so that the data is transmitted in a secure and confidential manner, so that the data transmission between the server and the user occurs in a totally encrypted manner.

The iArremate platform is also committed to communicating the user, in an appropriate period, in the event of any type of breach of the security of their personal data that may cause them a high risk to their personal rights and freedoms.

The iArremate platform undertakes to treat the users personal data with confidentiality, within the legal limits, and inform the holder of the personal data if suspicious access to his profile is identified.

If the user identifies any security flaw or vulnerability in the system, it is also possible to report it by e-mail governanca@iarremate.com.

8. Cookies

Cookies are small text files sent by the website to the users computer and which store information related to the navigation of the website.

Through cookies, small amounts of information are stored by the users browser so that our server can read them later. For example, data about the device used by the user, as well as their location and time of access to the website, can be stored.

It is important to note that not all cookies contain personal data of the user, since certain types of cookies can be used only for the service to work correctly.

The information eventually stored in cookies can also be considered personal data and all the rules provided for in this Privacy Policy are also applicable to them.

We use cookies to understand how you use the platform and what your interests are and, thus, offer you a better experience and other services related to searches performed on the site.

The user can oppose the registration of cookies by the website, simply by disabling this option in his own browser or device.

The deactivation of cookies, however, can affect the availability of some tools and functionalities of the website, compromising its correct and expected functioning. Another possible consequence is the removal of user preferences that may have been saved, damaging their experience when using the service.

We also use information collected through cookies to constantly improve the content on our sites and serve advertisements that are of interest to our users.

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