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Our Commitments
Curators iArremate

The origin of the word 'curator' comes from the Latin curator , which means that it has an administration in their care, appointing the guardian, the caretaker, the charge to care.

Housekeeper most commonly in the visual arts, curating the institutional point of view means, in general terms, the process of organizing and assembling the public display of a set of works by an artist or group of artists. But this definition does not already hosts with property, the performance of iArremate portal. In this sense our curated starts the criteria to be evaluated when We filed a negotiation process with the gallery you want to be part of our platform. We seek at this time to have clear criteria that allow us to work only with companies and marchans seeking, seriously, ethics and professionalism offer TRULY , ART to lovers of this, which is a of the great virtues of humanity.

We continue uninterrupted to this curated also by a vigilant attitude to lots and auctions that are served by us. To meet this goal we seek to strengthen relationships and maintain contact with institutions and with the greatest knowledge of the works that are offered on our platform. With these attitudes yearn ensure what we value most. Our reputation.



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