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The iArremate for iOS and Android has a lighter interface, making it faster navigation through auctions.

From a cell, you can see the list of auctions open to closed bids and auctions. Consult the entire catalog of each auction and see dem details, each of their lots. For active auctions, it is possible to previous bids and track your lot.

In addition to the above information, the descriptive content of each gallery and auction, including terms of use and notice are also available.

What is iArremate Live

iArremate Live is an easy way to participate in the auctions transmitted by iArremate from anywhere in the world from your computer, tablet, ipad or cell phone. With iArremate Live you have full access to the auction rooms in real time, you can throw in a lot or only watch the live auction.

Where can I see active auctions

For a list of open auctions for previous bids, please visit initial site and look at the session "Open for bids" at the top the auction list.

This page is also available in the mobile version

How do I navigate through a catalog

There are several ways to browse the catalog of an auction. On the homepage in each auction box there is a button labeled "see catalog". By clicking, you will be taken to a page where are listed all batches of the selected auction. If you want even more expecificar your search, use the Left categories of filters, filtering only the lots of the catalog you are.

When choosing a lot, can give preliminary bids of the same current value or a maximum value where only the client will know how this value, no gallery has access to this information. The system will then cover each bid other to the maximum. In case of a tie in the last bid is recognized preference for whom he bid before covering with an equal amount bid to ensure the priority of the first.

In the mobile versions, bids can be made from the batch details page. The process is identical from the site.

How do I bid online

To launch an online auction, you must first be registered in iArremate. The next step is to choose the batch you wish to launch. The bid amount of cash is already populated with the current minimum value of the piece. Click "launch" for your bid to be registered. You will receive an email confirming that your bid was made. You can also confirm your bid by clicking on the part number of bids indicator, a small box will open displaying the number of your card and the value of its bid.

Every bid is personal and solely the responsibility of those who did. No bid may be canceled by iarremate. If you are the winning bidder, you will receive an email from the gallery in question, informing the auctioned lots, amounts payable, payment and shipping.

You can follow lots that you are participating in each auction by simply clicking on "My Account" in the upper right corner of the page. You must be registered and logged in iARremate to access this button.

Having already paid, as I confirm receipt

The payment is made directly to each gallery, in confições sent by e-mail after the session.

The iArremate and not charge or receive any payment from bidders. The user account is completely free, without any monthly fee.

As the pieces are sent

Each gallery has its own shipping options and can be accessed from the catalog of each auction by clicking "notice" in the upper right corner of the page.

The iArremate is only one auction transmission vehicle is not responsible for payment or the shipping of auctioned lots.

How can I see the results of the auction

After the close of the auction, all parts are closed in the catalog. The result is not informed by the site, leaving the gallery itself available or not this information.

For bidders, purchased lots can be found from page "My Account" button in the upper right corner of the portal. Only the auctioned lots have auction values. Lots that the customer lancçou but not successfully bid are available only as a reference, not informing the value or the winning chart.

Do not miss your lot

The portal iArremate has a notification system that alerts you via SMS when your lot is close during the session.


To add an alert to your batch, click "notify me" next to each lot in the auction catalog page. This button is also present in expecífica page of each lot.

Horário de Atendimento: das 12:30h às 17:30h, das 19:00h às 22:00h e em plantão durante os leilões.
Phone iArremate: (35) 99935-4693
E-mail: sac@iarremate.com
Where are we
R. Heitor Modesto, 28 - Estação
São Lourenço - MG
CEP: 37470-000
Plantão durante o pregão
Telefone: (35) 99948-4697
E-mail: suporte@iarremate.com
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