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About Online Auctions

All auctions will be conducted by A qualified Auctioneer and disclosure will be conducted through auction in person or online through auctions in IARREMATE management portal.

At the indicated day and time it will occur early trading in Classroom and Online. Thus, all participants who were duly qualified for the auction via internet, will have equal footing with the present members in attendance in the Auction Room (Audience), vying for the lots of the auction.

To participate and submit bids in the auction, the person who is duly authorized should access the site with some advance to the auction completion schedule, locate the desired auction, and click the option"Click here for the Auction in Real time", which will be available at the auction lots relationship and also on the details page of each batch. If this option is not available, wait in the auction page until the appears.

We recommend using broadband connection for access to our system. Then, the participant will be directed to the screen Auction Bids.

IARREMATE and the Auctioneer shall not be liable for any damages or losses that the online system users, may be due to technical, operational or connection failures generated by factors beyond our control, which may occur and to prevent the participation in the auction, given that Internet services are provided by third parties.



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