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About AutoBit
About Auto Bid

ANTICIPATED BIDS - As previously mentioned, these bids were submitted by participants in advance to the date of the auction. Before the date of the auction and after being duly authorized to participate, the interested party may submit bids in advances in pieces of interest. To do this, simply access the auction that is enabled, click on the piece(s) you want and follow the instructions to submit your action. After submitting your bid, you will receive in your e-mail a notification containing confirmation of your bid.

AUTO BIDS - The user can program automatic bids, in such a way that if another User cover its offer, the system will automatically generate a new bid for that user, adding the minimum increment, up to the maximum limit set by the User. Automatic bidding will be recorded in the system with the date they are scheduled.

It will not be admitted under any circumstances, the cancellation of ANTICIPATED or AUTO BIDS and therefore, the participant must make sure in advance of the status of the property offered, as well as the conditions of sale and payment of the auction. The offered bids are irrevocable and irreversible, the user being responsible for all offers registered through your 'login' (nickname), they cannot be canceled under any circumstances.



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